Evolving Our Thinking

Creating Our Future

Organizational Design

A unique management consulting methodology for enhancing an organization’s health and business performance. We offer a lens for seeing the whole organization, and establishing a path to achieve optimal positive stakeholder impact. The outcome is strengthened organizational alignment, sustainability, relevance and resilience. Let us facilitate your next strategic planning session.

Executive Coaching

What if the path of growth and transformation were more meaningful and fulfilling than you thought? MōD offers a unique evidence-based coaching service focused on enhancing Leadership Presence, or Presence Coaching™. Our Executive and Management Programs support organizational change initiatives and encourage leaders to grow and evolve and take everyone with them. Let us help you build a meaningful organizational culture.

We specialize in meaning and purpose.

Every organization faces challenges, change, and the future. We are here to help you get a meaningful conversation started about your organization and its future. Then we help you move in a positive and actionable direction.

​We are committed to consulting work that makes a difference:

Partnering with clients to strengthen their businesses from the inside out.

Catalyzing change that invests in our future.

Empowering teams and individuals to work at their highest level.

Educating and providing tools for actionable positive change.

Developing high-impact innovations that encourage individuals, communities and nature.

Sustainability baked into the DNA of your business model design.

Meaningful Organizational Design™ goes beyond nuts and bolts management consulting which can be uninspiring to staff and narrow in its scope. We are system thinkers with a unique process that allows your people to connect with the heart and soul of your organization to find its meaning and build from there. We know that creating meaning is essential to your business because meaning catapults your team to higher levels of business performance, energy levels, and engagement. We get our clients unstuck.

​Our facilitated process follows a proprietary framework to enable your team to envision your desired end state. We are informed by design, systems thinking, and positive psychology. Bringing creative and analytical approaches together, we help you develop and integrate new solutions and experiences into your organization.

​As a California Benefit Corporation and a certified B Corp, MōD helps businesses and individuals become positive forces for good on the planet.