Mode: a way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done.

Strategically Envisioning Your Future


We help you strategically envision or revision your future. With envisioning, we start with a blank slate. Revisioning refers to changes both small–a small tweak to create a better flow–and large–completely reimagining your mission, vision, and roles.


MōD is about bringing a new ‘mode’ of doing business into the organizational culture and structure. This process is informed by meaning and mindfulness. We facilitate change and transformation, bringing innovative solutions and conscious capitalism, to help your organization evolve toward a meaningful future.


As a California Benefit Corporation and a certified B Corp, MōD helps businesses and individuals become positive forces for good on the planet by increasing shared value for stakeholders. We have helped many clients become certified B Corps, supporting them to develop affordable and sustainable social and environmental innovations.

Helping You Change the Mode of Business From the Inside Out