Elizabeth Topp

Elizabeth has been working in the corporate sector for 25 years in the capacity of cross-cultural trainer, executive coach, and business consultant. Her strengths lie in working on issues of individual growth and transformation, including global leadership development, Mindfulness training, systems thinking and wellness. Elizabeth designed and researched a Mindfulness-Based executive coaching model.

The 4-step process, STOP – OBSERVE – ALIGN – ALLOW, is used to guide individuals and teams to build more effective and sustainable leadership skills, while reaching their goals for success.

Elizabeth’s academic qualifications include a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and Master’s Degrees in Counseling Psychology and Holistic Human Development. She has additional credentials in clinical psychology, transformational coaching, creative expressive arts, yoga, and bodywork. Her most proud accomplishments are as mom of a 9 year old and champion promoter of the Conscious Capitalism and certified B Corp social enterprise movements.

Professional Development Coaching Programs

Elizabeth Topp PhD has developed professional coaching programs for individuals and organizations interested in meaningful and sustainable growth and development. Specific areas of expertise include professional development, change and transition, health and wellness, and expatriation and global leadership training.

Approach to Coaching:

Elizabeth Topp PhD has custom-designed programs for top level executives, managers, organizational employees, and individuals to build skills to confront changing day-to-day challenges while continuing to cultivate the conditions for peak performance. These professional development programs support individuals to achieve stretch goals grounded in principles of Psychological Sustainability and Thriving, and focus on issues often related to personal and professional growth and transition. Clients take on new challenges, gain new competencies, and perform at new levels.

Dr. Elizabeth Topp, is the originator of the Presence Based Coaching model, which has been proven to support leaders with accelerated growth and development. Presence Based Coaching utilizes the researched processes and procedures from the fields of Positive Psychology, Flow Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, & Mindfulness Meditation.