Meaningful Organizational Design

Strategically Envisioning Your Future

MōD’s organizational design process provides a knowledge management blueprint for any change initiative. We work with our clients to discover who they are and who they envision themselves to become through our Strategic Envisioning Experience (SEE). SEE is ideal for start-up initiatives, troubleshooting systemic organizational problems, and bringing focus and alignment to the team. Systemic problems are a part of organizational life, but effective solutions require time, space, and a holistic framework. We know that the MōD process can help you identify and drill down into the problem, identify innovative solutions, and then develop an action plan. Instead of feeling like a drain on your resources, the process can help to bring out the natural innovation and creativity in your culture.

Strategic Envisioning Experience

MōD works with you to design your organization’s future using a lens of meaningful innovation and strategy. We bring the meaningful framework and lens. You bring unique content and opportunities for change and transformation.

The SEE process provides clarity for leaders and teams helping them better understand the organization and how each person contributes to the larger purpose through a comprehensive process. The outcome of the process is enhanced congruence of mission, strategy, leadership, culture, structure and information management.

MōD services are very well suited to take place in a retreat setting, where teams have an extended period of focused time together, out of the context of daily office matters. How can we help you?

Needs Assessment


MōD begins introduction meetings with each stakeholder team member participating in an engagement. This meeting can be either in-person or virtual, but exists to provide participants an opportunity to get comfortable with the facilitators and the process.

Business Mapping


It’s time to capture your organization’s existing model from the perspective of the stakeholder team. We review the mission and purpose, value propositions, internal ecosystem and customer experience. This process provides a comprehensive knowledge-capture clarifying the state of the current organization.

People Mapping


After collectively seeing the organization in a new way we map your people to the various elements of the organization. This process creates a new lens for evaluating the clarity of the employees’ roles within the organizational structure and supports new insights into systemic challenges and opportunities.

Growth & Innovation


This stage is transformative- it’s when MōD has the ability to bring the meaningful framework and lens to their clients and bring unique content and opportunities for change and transformation. The MōD framework facilitates a structured innovation process for maximum stakeholder impact.


The strategy stage is the last step of the SEE process where a clear and powerful path forward emerges. When you reach the stage of knowing what you want to do, we help you design each project or goal directly in your existing project management software. We embed team insights and documents gleaned from the facilitation into the project for short-term, medium-range, and long-term goals.



Throughout each step of the SEE module, MōD provides analysis and recommendations for moving forward. Upon completion of SEE, MōD prepares an inclusive report to make the future strategy coherent and manageable.

Retainer Services

We are partners in the process and in your success, offering long-term support through consulting, coaching, and project management services.

The MōD process allows you to bring your team together around a common goal. This process brings everyone on board to assess organizational challenges and generate ideas for the future, engaging and honing the leadership skills of the team as a unit. The process develops a more accurate and shared understanding of the organization and builds trust among your people. However we go beyond facilitating the MōD knowledge management platform.