Presence Coaching™

A Meaningful Mindset

MōD’s coaching and talent services develop your team’s inner resources for success. We offer workshops as well as individual and group coaching programs that can be delivered in the workplace or retreat settings. Our professional coaching programs are for individuals and organizations interested in meaningful and sustainable growth and development. Specific areas of expertise include Executive Presence, Leadership Development, Cultural Change and Transition, Positive Psychology, Cross-Cultural Training and Diversity.

MōD is about bringing a new ‘mode’ or way of doing business into the organizational mindset informed by meaning and Presence. Using a cutting-edge evidence-based coaching process, our Presence Coaching™ programs offer a proven path to accelerated growth and professional development for your people.

MoD will custom-design programs for top level executives, managers, organizational employees and individuals to build skills to confront changing day-to-day challenges while continuing to cultivate the conditions for peak performance. These professional development programs support individuals to achieve stretch goals and focus on issues often related to personal and professional growth transition. Presence Coaching clients take on new challenges, gain new competencies, and perform at new levels.

The four step process:





Meaningful Organizational Design, Inc. offers two Presence Coaching™ programs.

Presence Programs are for clients interested in capacity building to help cultivate focus and calm, increase freedom and choice, and stretch to operate at a new level of efficiency, effectiveness and inspiration.

Leadership Program

Program One – 6 Months

The Leadership Program consists of an intensive 6-week learning program followed by subsequent coaching sessions.

A one-on-one strategy session determines the objectives for the coaching work.

Weekly or bi-monthly follow-up sessions guide progress toward the stated goals through enhanced self-awareness, processing feedback, Presence Coaching™ skill-building, and education on topics such as:

  • 8 Qualities of Presence
  • Positive Psychology
  • Stress Management
  • Time management
  • Change and Transition

Executive Presence Program

Program Two – 1 Year

The Executive Presence Program consists of the intensive 6-week learning program, subsequent coaching sessions, quarterly strategy-setting sessions, and continued coaching in core areas surrounding Executive Presence:

  • Evolving through Presence
  • Building Thriving Workplace Cultures
  • Maximizing Employee Engagement
  • Work-Life balance and Integration
  • Leading During Change & Transition

It doesn’t need to be lonely at the top. Peak performance research shows that challenge balanced with support encourages people to stretch and take on new challenges. Let us support you.

Program Principles:

The Presence Coaching™ programs are custom-designed based on the specific needs and goals of the client, and follow a traditional coaching structure, which consists of regular meetings with a coach.

Coaching programs are:

  1. Purposeful: Professional relationships with the purpose of producing extraordinary results for the client.
  2. Strengths-Based: Grounded in Positive Psychology, or identifying and harnessing client strengths to move forward.
  3. Results-Oriented: Coaching conversations focus on goal-setting, strategy, feedback, and building of competencies.
  4. Client-Centered: Clients determine goals and get support to discover strength and solutions from within.


Participants in the Presence Coaching™ programs experience outcomes such as:

  • Clarification of personal values and priorities
  • Refined communication and leadership skills
  • Increased calm & focus
  • Increased effectiveness and performance
  • Increased tolerance for change and uncertainty
  • Better Relationships – emotional & social intelligence
  • Better Thinking – enhanced decision-making ability
  • Decreased burnout
  • Increased quality of life & well-being
  • Less stress, frustration, & overwhelm