Wanda Harris

Wanda Harris develops structured work plans, provides leaders with genuine support in executing such plans, and stimulates new solutions for management to consider, making her a valuable part of the MōD team.

She is determined and focused on providing organizational leaders with the necessary structure to complete the tasks that ultimately allow the organization to flourish. She has obtained a Bachelors in Political Science (UCSB), a Masters in Organizational Management (Antioch University) and two more recent certificates in Project Management (UCSD) and Sustainability (UCLA). This educational training combined with work experience allows her to contribute in a variety of ways to assist those within organizations to focus on pursuing purposeful and attainable goals.

With a diverse background as a professional who has worked for luxury brand retailers (Nordstroms, Saks, Nieman Marcus and a variety of boutique stores), legal firms and an exclusive property marketing firm, Wanda Harris has honed her skills as a trainer, presenter, project manager and office manager. Her fluency in Dutch and continued Dutch cultural awareness also provides a diverse perspective to how she contributes in a professional setting. Throughout each stage of your strategic plan she wants you to feel confident that you can rely on her for support and encouragement.​

If you ask her what she is passionate about she will have multiple answers that vary daily- though her love for nature’s wildlife and plant life are crucial to her well-being. And no day is complete without a fast-paced walk with her husband and dog, where playfulness and curiosity are a big part in maintaining a balanced life.